Do you want to replace those endless and repetitive spreadsheet operations with a program to do it automatically? Do you need to query a database but not sure where to start? Is your reporting tool not giving you exactly what you want?

Our customized solutions are designed with the user in mind. Let us create an application you can and will actually use.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have built a variety of solutions in many different areas. It doesn't matter if it requires single- or multi-user access, we are willing to at least take a look and give you our honest opinion.

Our applications are built from the ground up to give you the most flexibility. All designs start with a plan based on your requirements, and in return we give you a brief overview of our solution.

Support doesn't have to stop just because you paid and left the store.

The Desktop Development Team.
  • 1. Database Design & Programming
    • a. SQL Server
    • b. MySQL
    • c. MS Access
    • d. MS FoxPro
  • 2. Desktop Design & Programming
    • a. Web Service Connection
    • b. C#
    • c. VB.Net
    • d. Visual Basic 6
  • 3. Windows Mobile Programming
    • a. Customized solution
  • 4. Software Testing